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Force measurement of hand and fingers

Bretz Károly János, Jobbágy Ákos, Bretz Károly


Objective: To determine forces of hand and fi ngers in model situations.

Methods: Subjects were 16 university students (males). Dyna-8 force measuring system was used, which is equipped with transducers making the measurement of handgrip strength and
forces of fi ngers possible. The maximum force value is displayed digitally and simultaneously, the complete force diagram is shown on the computer monitor.

Results: Right and left hand strengths and forces of all fi ngers were recorded, and descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, and t-test were executed. Forces of right and left hand strengths correlate, but differ signifi cantly when their means are compared. Forces of the same fi ngers on the right and left hand correlate signifi cantly with the exception of the middle and index fi ngers.

Conclusion: Hand and fi nger force data are used in numerous sport types, industrial design, ergonomics, and rehabilitation.


DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2010/1/07

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