Biomechanica Hungarica, Évf. 7, Szám 2

Scanning electron and optical microscopic studies of the system of porcine zonular fibres

Bocskai Imre Zoltán, Kiss Zoltán, Sándor László Gábor, Bojtár Imre, Nagy Zsolt Zoltán


AbstractThe mechanical behaviour of the zonular apparatus greatly affects the  accommodation process because it moves out from the ciliary muscle and runs into the lens capsule. The zonular fi bres convey the force between the ciliary body and the crystalline lens. For the measurement of the mechanical properties of zonular fi bres is necessary to know its geometry. In this paper we analyzed the network of porcine zonular fi bres with scanning electron and optical microscope. We manifested that the porcine zonular fi bre system differs from human and monkey eyes. The thickness of the apparatus of intertwined zonular fi bres is approximately 45 μm and the length from the origin to the insertion is about 1.5 mm. Based on these informations the input parameters of numerical modelling can be more precise to clarify the accommodation process.
DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2014/2/01

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