Biomechanica Hungarica, Évf. 8, Szám 2

Automatic reconstruction of brain’s micro-vascular network based onX-ray synchrotron tomography

Kapitány Kristóf, Négyessy László, Fonta Caroline, Mokso Rajmund, Szepessy Zsuzsanna, Barsi Árpád


X-ray synchrotron tomographic microscopy enables the acquisition of large amount of images with a geometric and radiometric resolution sufficient for the morphometric and topologic analysis of vascular and even of microvascular network of different organs. In this study cylindrical shaped, NiDAB labelled brain samples of a diameter of half a millimeter were imaged and analyzed with an effective pixel size of 0.38 µm. Several thousands of tomographic slices build up each reconstructed volume meaning that an automatized analysis tool is indispensable. These big data sets are processed by the developed algorithms on commercially available PCs with an automated image analysis technology in acceptable processing time. The obtained vessel segments are stored for further topological and morphometric analyses or surface/volumetric visualization purposes. These analyses contain vessel feature distribution analysis followed by 3D reconstruction. The obtained results are in accordance to the literature data.

DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2015/2/02

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